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Tammy Macherides, Esq.

Stamatina (“Tammy”) Macherides has over 15 years of experience as a practicing real estate attorney and has excelled in her representation of buyers, sellers, builders and developers in all types of real estate transactions.  Tammy’s practice concentrates primarily on the purchase and sale of residential real estate; and she specializes in representing both buyers and builders in new construction transactions, including the acquisition, development, and resale of residential real estate.

Prior to opening her own firm, Tammy practiced at a large-scale greater Boston real estate law firm, and was one of the first two associate attorneys that helped to open the firm.  Tammy’s experience in all manners of real estate transactions has provided her with the skills and knowledge required to represent her clients with unmatched experience and diligence.  While providing well-honed and knowledgeable service to her clients, her fees are reasonable and Tammy prides herself on her reputation for being available and quickly responsive to each one of her clients. Tammy maintains strong contacts with top local and national lenders, experienced real estate brokers, and a network of skilled attorneys with whom she collaborates in order to deliver a positive and smooth closing experience.

One of Tammy’s favorite mottos is: “A good lawyer is available, a great lawyer is always available.”  It is evident that customer service is on the top of the list of Tammy’s business model. Her ability to be flexible and meet her client’s needs in conjunction with her aptitude to communicate amicably with opposing counsel makes for a smooth transaction in which all parties appreciate a positive experience. 

Outside the office Tammy enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, traveling, and reading. Tammy also invests in residential real estate development, and real estate planning and development are among Tammy’s true ambitions. Tammy loves to talk about politics, human nature and just talking in general!